Management Rights and Advisory Service


Mahoneys has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expert services in:

  • Management Rights Law
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • All aspects of Property Law

One of their major areas of expertise is in the field of management rights.

This is a unique area of law in which Mahoneys has specialist skills, its professional staff having practiced extensively in that field for many years.

John has acted for managers in the purchase or sale of management rights or the granting of further options or renewals of management rights in over 1,500 buildings or transactions throughout Queensland.

John has represented the Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association (ARAMA) and the industry generally for some 8 years. He represented the industry in negotiations with the state and federal governments on every significant piece of legislation during that time. A much more detailed list of the services we provide in this area can be found at the Management Rights Advisory Service website referred to below, the following indicates the types of services we do provide:-

  • Acting in the sale and purchase of management rights.
  • Developing strategies to approach Bodies Corporate to secure new agreements or additional options.
  • Attending and addressing Body Corporate meetings.
  • Dispute resolution – informally through negotiation or if necessary issuing and conducting proceedings through the Body Corporate Commissioner’s office under the dispute resolution provisions of the legislation.
  • Preparing letting appointments or special conditions for these.
  • General advice and assistance on all management rights issues.


John and Matthew have a wealth of experience in management rights. John handled his first management rights transaction over 30 years ago and it has been a major part of his practice for the past 20 years. Matthew has been working almost exclusively in management rights for over 10 years.

This experience shows through in so many ways. Not only does their experience help them find potential pitfalls for purchasers of management rights' more importantly, where other lawyers would flounder, the Mahoneys experience enables them to solve these problems, often using imaginative and creative solutions.


John writes regular articles for Resort News, the ARAMA Newsletter and various other publications. John and Matthew contribute to Mahoneys own ManagementOne Newsletter. John and Matthew speak regularly at ARAMA seminars. John is regularly invited to speak at Queensland Law Society and other industry forums and seminars.

John has represented the management rights industry at all levels of government over the past 17 years and is widely regarded as one of the state’s most, knowledgeable management rights specialist lawyers.


John and Matthew have demonstrated their commitment to their clients and the management rights industry generally over the many years they have practiced in this specialised area. John has devoted hundreds of hours to representing industry in its dealings with the State and Federal Governments.

Mahoneys is the only law firm that refuses to act for any Body Corporate in a dispute with a resident manager.

The team at Mahoneys are known for their understanding and support they give to their clients. An indication of the regard in which they are held by their clients can be gauged from looking at the testimonials that appear elsewhere on this website.

John and Matthew have unreservedly supported the management rights industry for many years. The Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association Inc, the state’s leading industry body, rewarded John with life membership for that continued support.

When you deal with John, Matthew or any of the others that make up the Mahoneys team, you know you are dealing with someone who supports your great industry.

About Mahoneys

Mahoneys has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expert services in Management Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, All aspects of Property Law. One of their major areas of expertise is in the field of management rights.