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Prior to the coming into existence of the individual lots or units, there is generally a single parcel of land, owned by one entity, upon which there may be one or more buildings. A plan is prepared which subdivides that land and building or buildings into the individual lots or units. In the case of a highrise complex, that plan will be a Building Format Plan. It will create titles for the individual units within the building. In the case of a townhouse complex, the plan will usually be a Standard Format Plan. It will create titles for lots comprising land and buildings for the individual townhouses.

The plan, be it a Building Format Plan or a Standard Format Plan, will be lodged in the Titles Office along with a document called a Community Management Statement which sets out unit voting and other entitlements and the By-laws (rules) for the complex. When it registers, there will come into existence a separate title for each individual unit or lot shown on that plan. The plan will also show areas of common property - that is areas of the original piece of land or areas within the building or buildings on that land that do not become an individual lot or unit, for example - lawns and gardens, swimming pool areas, stairwells and the like. Each lot or unit owner in effect owns a part of the common property. Together the common property is owned by the individual lot or unit owners collectively as the Body Corporate.

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