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    When purchasing Management Rights, you either buy from the original developer or the outgoing Resident Manager the right to conduct the Management Rights business. This right comes about in the form of an Agreement or Agreements between the Body Corporate and the Resident Manager.

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    Most people would have today heard the expression “Management Rights”. Management Rights is the name given to a business where a person or company is the onsite Building Manager and Letting Agent for a particular complex comprising a number of individually titled lots or units.

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    A list of frequently asked questions covering information on Management Rights, Caretaking and Letting Agreements. These FAQ's are kindly supplied by Mahoneys. See the usual lawyer's disclaimer at the end of the FAQ page.

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Mahoneys has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expert services in Management Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, All aspects of Property Law. One of their major areas of expertise is in the field of management rights.