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Why You Shouldn't Use Mahoneys

There are some management rights agents and even some managers who might try to convince you not to use Mahoneys when you buy. That is because they don't like our thoroughness and our determination to protect our clients' interests.

These are the reasons they might give for not using us.

  1. We are too thorough

    From a seller's perspective (and even that of some agents), you don’t want a lawyer who is going to critically analyse the management rights documentation. That might make the sale difficult – or, heaven forbid, might even lead to a loss of sale! The agent and the seller would prefer a lawyer who will either not analyse things thoroughly (whether they are unable or unwilling to doesn't really matter) or who will not worry about problems if they find them.

    At Mahoneys we are not prepared to take such an approach. We will investigate your management rights purchase thoroughly. We will advise you candidly about problems we see and we will demand of the seller that serious problems be fixed. You are our client and your interests come first. Even if you have been referred to us by the selling agent, we are prepared to see the sale fall down if we do not think your interests are being properly protected. If agents or sellers don’t like that, then so be it.

    Reputable agents of course understand the need for us to take this approach and do our job properly and in our experience those reputable agents will be happy to see a buyer use Mahoneys because they know that the buyer is being well looked after. From a seller’s perspective, we can only suggest that next time they buy, they use Mahoneys or someone like us who will do a thorough job so that they don’t have such problems when they sell.
  2. We are not local

    There is sometimes resistance to using Mahoneys because we are Brisbane and Gold Coast based. However, our many dozens of clients from Sydney to Cairns would testify that this does not present a problem at all. Almost all communication can be efficiently dealt with by post, facsimile or email. Email communications in particular are extremely cost and time efficient. Our clients find that any distance barrier is no impediment whatsoever to full and open communication.

    We are also regular visitors to the Sunshine Coast and where circumstances make it necessary, we will make individual visits to our clients on the Sunshine Coast or elsewhere.

  3. We are too expensive

    We don’t claim to be the cheapest law firm specialising in management rights but nor are we the most expensive. People who invest in management rights are usually investing their life savings. That is important to us and we believe that as much care as possible should be taken to protect that investment. We are not prepared to cut corners to cut costs. We will take the time necessary to fully investigate their purchase and provide our clients with thorough and considered advice. We will do what needs to be done to protect their interests. Work of this extent and quality of course does not come cheaply, but nor should it.

    We believe that our fee structure is competitive in comparison to the level of service and expertise we provide. We know that our clients are offered real value for money. The testimonials that appear elsewhere on this website confirm that our clients agree.

About Mahoneys

Mahoneys has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expert services in Management Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, All aspects of Property Law. One of their major areas of expertise is in the field of management rights.