Management Rights and Advisory Service

What's in it for me

At Mahoneys we do things a little differently.  Here are some of the things that you will get from us that you won't get from other law firms.

  • We will provide you at the outset with a checklist for you to follow as you go through the purchase process.  It has helpful information and hints with phone numbers and contact details of those you will need to deal with as your purchase progresses.
  • Our initial letter is full of information to you about issues that will arise before and after you purchase.  For example, licence application information and how to go about getting new agreements.
  • Our internal unique checklist covering over 100 points ensures that we can fully review and assess the management rights documentation relating to your purchase.
  • Our comprehensive due diligence report that we provide after we have reviewed all of the management rights documentation.  This is a simple to follow “question and answer” style report that is invaluable for understanding your management rights documentation. Our plain English assignment document.  It has already proved itself a winner in court and it is not surprising that most other law firms have tried to copy it.
  • When your purchase is complete, we provide you with an indexed binder containing purchase contracts, copies of searches and all of your management rights documentation.  This has proven to be an invaluable reference source for many of our clients who refer to it regularly in the course of their business.  And when it’s time to sell, everything is there for you, your agent and your buyer.

About Mahoneys

Mahoneys has an enviable reputation for its service to clients and for the competence of its partners and staff who offer expert services in Management Rights Law, Business and Commercial Law, All aspects of Property Law. One of their major areas of expertise is in the field of management rights.